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Autumn Workshops:

October 15, 2014
1-Day Understanding by Design
Location: The Inn at Lambertville

How do we know that students truly understand and can apply their knowledge in a powerful way? How might we design assessments to emphasize in-depth understanding rather than low-level recall? What role do student misconceptions play in teaching for understanding — and how do we overcome them? In this workshop, designed for educators with little or no background in the Understanding by Design framework, we will explore these questions as part of a thought-provoking yet practical introduction to UbD.

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October 16, 2014
1-Day Unpacking the Common Core with UbD
Location: The Inn at Lambertville

We live in a time of increasing mandates and accountability. But that simply does not mean that curriculum and unit design have to be dreary and unengaging. Remember: the one goal of standards is to mandate outcomes while freeing up teacher creativity in achieving them. Understanding by Design has been helping teachers do this for over fifteen years.

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Combined 2-Day Registration, October 15-16, 2014

Understanding by Design + Unpacking the Common Core

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